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Scrubs Series Finale

So, it was an amazing episode, but it just wasn't... finale worthy. This might be the last episode of Scrubs ever, and if it is, then well...

That kinda sucks.

But JD = brilliant. I laughed countless times at him.

And I loved Jordan at the end! Oh, of coarse the Perry and Jack enteraction was perfect in every way :]

It's late, and I can't think of much to say.

But I just wish Scrubs got the ending it deserved, you know?
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You are so right, JD was amazing. His "what the hell?" face was great! I was lol'ing throughout the majority of the episode, and my mom (who was watching it with me) was like, wtf? She just doesn't appreciate Scrubs humor, I guess. :) Seeing Perry in his role as Dad was a great aspect of tonight's ep. He was so cute with his son!

I hope this isn't the end. I've been hearing a lot lately about how Scrubs is moving to ABC for an 8th season, but until it's officially announced, I'm a bit wary of getting my hopes up. *crosses fingers*
It was beautiful and so damn cute.

It's not the end though. http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/2008/05/04/scrubs-blog-my-welcome-back/ They've been filming s8 for weeks. I can't believe how few people realize this.
Hi, Beatlesecret mod here.

I just wanted to tell you this out of the comm because I see no need on making it bigger than it is. I think you're misjudging me and I think there was no need for you to literally insult me publicly on my own community. I've never disrespected any member of the community I only give my honest opinion about the secrets but I've never replied on someone's comment insulting them or treating them badly, so I don't see why you'd post those secrets about me.

If you wanted publicity for your community all you had to do is ask me and I'd tell the other members about your comm (which I honestly think it rocks).

So my point was that I'm really sorry if I gave you such an image about myself or if I was ever rude to you. If you ever want to know the real me (not the bitch you know) feel free to add me and you'll see I'm not bitter and I do listen to happy songs *lol*.

- John Lennon
While I feel as if you have, infact, replied to some secrets in an insulting mannor (most recently the 'sad that you're alive' comment), I do appriciate you taking this out of the comm.

Though I'm not sure how my secret brings publicity to my comm I thank you. I'm glad someone that I'm ripping off and has experiance in mod'ing likes my comm :].

And, of coarse, I do not know the real you, I only know the mod off beatlesecret.

And just so you know, that secret was one I made for my comm, if you didn't already know, and I decided to post it to yours. I have nothing against you as a person, honestly I don't! It was more of a joke than anything else, but I know a lot of people aren't happy with some of the comments you leave.

I expect you not to post my secret on the next post, [it's really not even a secret about the beatles anyway] and I'm sorry that I offended you. I regret it, and you can be sure to not get anymore secrets like that.

But, if I can say this without being rude in anyway, maybe you should consider wording some of your comments in a nicerway? You have a very large comm and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to see a nice and positive mod.

Thank you, and again I apologize.

- John Lennon [lol].
I knew that comment would be taken in the wrong way, I didn't mean I was sad someone was alive, I just wanted to prove how it felt to read something like "Part of me is happy John died" which for me is kind of hurtful 'cause there's nothing I hate the most than the fact that John is dead, that's why there was a (Was that nice?, NO!).

But I appreciate your comments and I will try to change, I recognize I'm wrong here. But I've been running that comm for two years, at first when I was off school I used to reply to everyone's comment (yeah, I had no life xD) and I was the kindest person on earth (seriously xD) but after a while everyone started to bitch about almost EVERYTHING and that really got to my nerves and decided to stop being hypocrite with the secrets I didn't like. I mean... it's not personal you know? it's an anonymous secret and I have no way to know who send them (unless they send them not-anonymously xD) so I'm just commenting my opinion about the SECRET not the person who wrote it. I'd NEVER insult somebody directly you know?. There have been worse comments on the comm, trust me. But you are right I'm the mod and I should act like one, so if I don't have anything nice to say I won't say anything at all so we'll be all happy.

And no worries, I'll post your secret (and this one that was submitted some time after yours http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/5379/modbp5.png) just to let things clear with the other members. I sure don't want to be the wbitch of the story because I'm seriously not one. And I'm really sorry I gave such a bad image of myself.

I checked out your community and realized a lot of people has been offended by my comments so I'll make like a public apology to everyone and I'll start to be nicer. It just shocked me people think I'm a genius wannabe and that I think I'm important and stuff. I just saw myself as another member and felt freely to express myself like one. But I guess I'm not so I'll work on that :).

And that's it... this is longer than an entry itself *lol*

Now I'm off to work on the next update.
I understand, but also the person who posted that secret was also taken the wrong way. I'm sure you read the comments with him/her defending his or herself, [in the same comment thread I made a shameless plug to my community xD]

And I have seen a lot of the other members flaming secrets as well, which makes me quite sad. That's one of the reasons why I made mine.

But honestly, you do not have to post my secret, or the other one [which was submitted onto my community as well, so there's no need to post that kind of flaming twice] which sounds like nothing more than a promotion of my comm.

I think an apology will be much appreciated by all the members :]

And I'll try to keep the flaming of your comm [and you] out of my community now that I've heard your side.

Thank you again.
Thank you, I'd appreciate that very very much :)
and I'm glad things are clear haha I might be a bit crazy but I'm not a bad person *lol* anyway, if you want we can be friends :)
Of coarse! I'll friend you right now :D
Great, I'm adding you right now ^^


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